Can you recommend a good book?

  1. I am fairly new to my position- I am a care coordinator for a busy cardiac unit- I would like to read more about leadership - what makes a good nursing manager... any suggestions?
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  3. by   Hosgar
    well I see that the date of this post is last year.... so being a year late are two books I've found helpful. Only problem is copyright is 1997 and 1994. Anyone have any more current?
    Also there is a management conference in Las Vegas the week after Easter (April1,2 etc) at the Mirage. I lost the brochure but it looked really applicable.....Maybe the Mirage can give you some info, I believe it is in conjuction with Nursing 2002 Symposium offered for Critical Care Nurses..... good luck.
    The Nurse Manager's Survival Guide . 1997 T.M.Marrelli
    The Nurse Managers Problem Solver. 1994 Tim Porter-0'Grady
  4. by   Smitty,RN
    Thanks! You're the only one who has responded to my question!
    I am still looking for a good book- so I will try the ones you listed.
    I have been reading First Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman and
    and Now Discover Your Strengths - same authors. THey are not nursing specific, tho...and that is what I am really looking for!
    Thanks again!
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    Here is a suggestion from a "mere" staff nurse...Don't be shortsighted...You can't please everyone BUT don't get lost on a power trip...Morale is easily devestated and not easily escalated. Don't forget you are a nurse who, hopefully, had similar issues and complaints as your staff....
    Listen and TRULY be interested...If the staff is treated as a team, they will respond to you....AND, the doctor or administration are NOT always right, as a matter of course...
    Round on your patients....Listen to them. They will tell you which nurse needs to be approached for betterment of care, but don't forget to recognize the ones who are singled out for doing a good job....Say thankyou.....Respect them as you would like to be respected and in a difficult situation, say just that....
    Have regular staff meetings...Be interested in imput. Recognize individual talent...If someone is creative and wants to help out, allow it.....Retain AND Maintain your sense of humour...Do not play favorites...Watch what you say at the desk and in front of others. A misplaced or inappropriate comment has a way of spannng all three shifts like wildfire on a prarie....
    Be yourself but be fair....Your staff and their patients, will benefit..For all the difficult things you must do, or the chastizements and /or restrictions you have to hand out, balance them with something positive....Too many sick days? Investigate the problem. Give some motivation for those who don't call in ( a blue ribbon, your parking place for a week, a carnation) We are all big kids at heart that don't expect much...Praise from a superior who genuinely trusts and appreciates his/her staff, is a good thing. Don't treat the LPNs as inferiors....If someone has been there a long time, HONOR their experience and LISTEN....
    Good luck to you. You have the chance of a lifetime.....
  6. by   PediRN
    Any of the Ken Blanchard books (especially The Power of Ethical Management) are great.

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