nurse management: LTC or hospital

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I am currently a supervisor in sub acute/ltc facility. I supervise 160beds, and 20 nursing staff members during off shifts and have done so for 2 years, with excellent reviews. It is a national company w/ 3 local facilities. I would like to get my masters in management and work up the ranks in nurse management, hopefully to DON or something similar. I also have a job offer at an ICU at a VERY large teaching hospital, and through a friend who works on that unit, I know that one of the assistant unit managers there is considering retiring at the end of next year if someone can replace her. of course the friend thinks I would be great for it. (no one else has expressed interest) My question is, do I stay at my current position, or take the hospital position? Which would be more likely to be beneficial for a career in management? Or should I be doing something else entirely?

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