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Nurse Interview

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Hello everyone. I am a college student trying to get into the Nursing program. As part of my prerequisites to get into this degree program I have to take a class called Professions of Caring. A requirement of this class is to get an interview with a Nurse and then decide if I think this is the right career path for me. Although I already know it is the right career for me! Anyway If anyone would like to help me out it would be greatly appreciated. You can email me @ dstewart136@cfl.rr.com with answers or jus reply to my post. Thank you in advance!!!

Here are the questions:

1. Why did you decide to work in this field?

2. Did you have another career before you went to school to become a Nurse? What was it like to change from one career to another?

3. Where did you go to school to become a Nurse? What was the hardest part of school for you?

4. What is a typical workday like? Do you have a lot of overtime? (If yes, How is overtime scheduled? Do you have enough notification so you can adjust your schedule at home, etc.?)

5. Do you work under a lot of pressure in this job? (If yes) Can you give me an example of a typical high-pressure situation?

6. Is there a lot of take-home work in this job? (If yes, Do you ever find it hard to turn-off work at home and enjoy a personal/family life?)

7. What kinds of professional development opportunities are there in this field? Can a person move up in this career?

8. Do you see this field as growing and expanding? Can you give me examples of why you think this is happening?

9. Is this a secure field? Can you give me reasons why you think this is true or not?

10. Does this job give you the challenges you need to stay interested in this field?

11. Do you see yourself doing this job for the rest of your work life? Why (or why not)?

12. I am a person who needs a lot of variety and stability in a job. Does this career field provide that for a person like me?

=) thank you very much!! anyone who can help me!