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I am in my first semester in an ADN program. I was told that after your first semester you can get a job as a nurse intern. Does anyone know of any place in southeastern MA that would hire nurse interns. I would love to just get the extra experience becuase I think it would complement my studies. I don't really want a CNA job. I want to learn a little more.


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Well I just finished first semester of Nursing school. I got a job in medical-telemetry as a "Nurse Intern I." We are basically synonymous with Patient Care Tech or CNA. The only difference is the nurses will call me into a room when they do nurse skills so I can watch. We also do accuchecks and manual BP if the initial BP is out of range.

Last night I got to watch blood get spiked and hung. Day before observed a foley. I need to speak with my manager to see if its okay if I do these skills under supervision. I avoided thus far because I'm unsure of my scope of practice.

Not sure of jobs in MA but in FL the local hospital had representatives come out (who also oversaw our clinicals) who gave us information about the nurse intern position, when they would be posted, and that they would be "nurse intern" and not "cna or pct."

I say do it if you can. Its great for networking and my nurse manager and charge nurse have already given me advice about a range of topics including career path and patient care.


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