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I am currently applying for a nursing instructor position at a local community college, this will be the third time I have interviewed for a FT position, I have acted as adjunct instructor prior to this. I was told that my previous interviews went really well it was my presentation that hurt my interview. When I interviewed last it was the first time they had anyone do presentations. I need advice on a presentation for a job interview, any advice would be helpful. Is it always this difficult to obtain a position in the academic arena?



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I would dress professionally and conservatively. Do NOT use overheads for your presentation, as that is a very outdated mode. Use power point slides. Maybe give a handout of your slides to those who attend the presentation. Speak clearly, and have a well-organized presentation without spelling erroros on the slides. Adhere to the time limit that you are given, so practice the presentation ad nauseum before you give it in order to be certain of how long it takes you. Don't ramble, stick to your topic. Allos 5-10 minutes for questions from those present. Try to anticipate some questions as you rehearse. Pick a topic that will relate to your position, that you did research on, or that is a general nursing education issue. Try not to cram in everything about the topic, just do enough to cover the topic and show how well you can present a topic. They are looking to see how you would do in a classroom lecture situation.


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Is doing a presentation a requirement for the interview?

I was required to do a presentation for my position as a regional nurse educator for a 3 hospital system. The topic was assigned as was the time allowed.

The topic given was "SIDS" - not something I would have chosen as I am an ED nurse. I did it with a twist - I talked about the huge scientific fraud that was perpetrated by the leading researcher (during the 1970's) regarding "apnea" that turned out to be infanticide and about how death investigations are now carried out in most states.

Use powerpoint, make sure you have objectives and a powerpoint hand out and have some form of particpation by your viewers/adult learners. Wear the obligatory navy/gray/black/or camel suit.


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