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Nurse Corps Scholarship Finalist 2014-2015

Hello Guys My name is Madeline I would to start by congratulates all of the finalist and encourage those of you that are still under review to stay positive , from reading all past threads people have gotten into the finalist as late as September. I am in the Generic BSN program taking my third years clinical s. I am glad to say that I am a finalist for 2014-2015 award. I am creating this blog so all the finalist can update their award information in order for us to help each other with the waiting. I check for that award at least 20 times a day. I Know all of us really need this scholarship but I would encourage all of you guys to stay positive towards this scholarship since we are already in the final stage of this.

please update all of your info in here.

To help everyone that has been having issues with the uploading of their W4 and EVF, I had a similar problem my school put the wrong graduation date on my EVF and my dean sign July 4 instead of august 4. However I called and I was allow to email a corrected EVF.

How did you find out you received the award?


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