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Nurse Corps/NHSC scholarship for PMHNPs


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I just recently applied for both the NHSC and Nurse Corps scholarship, but won't hear back until September. I'm beginning a Masters Entry Program in Nursing in June and am going to be entering the Psych/Mental Health specialty after the foundation year.

I've been researching approved service sites and am a bit worried that the job prospects for PMHNPs at these sites are low, especially if you're trying to stay in a more urban area. I currently work with the homeless population and would love to continue my work with this population as a PMHNP. However, I'm not finding many approved sites with job opportunities for PMHNPs (it seems like priority is give to FNPs and other primary care providers).

I would love to hear from any PMHNPs who have received either of these scholarships, as I wasn't able to find many discussions on it. Was it easy for you to find a job at an approved site after graduation? What is the process like for petitioning for a clinic to become a NHSC approved site?

Thank you!!