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    Im a new nurse and worked as a PCA (nurse's aide) on a unit that I love and plan on returning to after my internship. During my time as a PCA I began an innocent flirtation with a fellow PCA, this flirtation may be turning into something more as we have began to talk more seriously since i've been away at my internship. The policy states:

    "Romantic and/or sexual relationships between supervisor and employee are prohibited. No person involved in a romantic and/or sexual relationship will have direct responsibility for evaluating the performance or for making decisions regarding the hiring, promotion, tenure, compensation, or termination of the other party to the relationship. Supervisors must take immediate steps to make acceptable alternative arrangements regarding their supervisory responsibility for the other party to avoid an actual or apparent conflict of interest. If acceptable alternative arrangements are not feasible, the relationship cannot continue."

    This possible relationship is in the early stages and at this point in life I value my career above my personal life and really want to be on the unit, but I also really like this girl. I just don't know the appropriateness of dating someone who I may have to delegate to.

    Any suggestions?

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  3. by   sugarwahine10 BSN,RN
    You are not her supervisor. You in no way could directly fire/hire her or anyone else as a nurse on the floor, unless you become a unit manager or director of the floor. You delegating to her is something you will do as a nurse, but it doesn't make you her supervisor. So, you should have no issues dating her even if you do work on same floor. I've known a couple pct's & nurses that worked in same unit & dated. It was no issue. As long as no drama from you two dating doesn't carry out onto the floor, then it really shouldn't be an issue. Happy dating!