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Ok maybe someone has touched on this before but this is personal for me. Is nursing the type of job where there is cliques? For instance if there is one bossy nurse that everyone follows or sucks up... Read More

  1. by   mmm333
    I work in Southern California and there are a group of nurses that don't say a single word to certain other staff members for the entire shift. That type of lack of communication is dangerous in a job sector where information is dynamic and crucial. These nurses have lied and blamed things on others, but they are always fast to cover each other's butts for their mistakes, yet every small mistake of mine is photocopied and put in the boss's mailbox at the front office. If people knew how many mistakes they make it would be different, but they all cover for each other. They are just generally very bitter, frowning, nasty-acting people. Who knows why. There is a second circle around them that aren't that mean, but kiss their butts out of fear.

    If I ever ascend to management, I will give these types a real hard time over leadership and mentoring of less senior staff- I will measure their worth based on how much they can teach the less experienced staff members and how much they improve, and I will discourage "tattling" and encourage "enabling" of other members of the team. Not enough managers do this and it is too often overlooked out of convenience- often the manager doesn't want to be bothered with breaking up these gangs. But what these gangs do over time is breed mediocrity- they are curt and rude to patients, rote in their approach to work, and disable other staff. They are bad eggs who somehow usually end up smelling like roses.
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