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At work, the weekend staff get the brunt of the abuse, accusations, etc... We are not there during the week to defend ourselves so it is open season on us mon-fri as far as management and just about... Read More

  1. by   Good Morning, Gil
    Sounds like you need a new job. Have you been there at least a year? Regardless of how bad something is, I'm of the mindset to stick it out for a year or close to a year for resume purposes, but that's just me. It's in no way wrong to leave earlier than that if that's what you need, etc. I am just overly explaining myself because there are some sensitive types on here, and people who misread who will say, "OP needs to do what is best for her. I disagree with you" lol.

    Anyway, best of luck to you! I have worked in similar conditions in the past (not going to say where, and not even implying that it was a nursing job), but it's rough. I will say that it did make me a stronger person, and I appreciate that I work in good working conditions now, am valued, and am surrounded by a great group of people.

    Best of luck on your job hunt! I say this, because even if you don't start looking now, it's only a matter of time before you're tired of it. I promise you....there are greener pastures out there .
  2. by   Nurse_Wretched
    Dayum! This weekend sucked! I don't know where to even begin... The entire schedule was an epic trainwreck! LOL I'll explain...

    Very few of my coworkers want to work weekends so several of them call off ALOT. I only work a few days a week and I am getting call offs from the same people! They want the full time benefits but they don't want to work the schedule. They accept weekends as part of their schedule because the long term staff have the good schedules. Makes sense to me! From what I hear, management has begun writing people up for all of these call offs. This weekend 2 of 3 of the sunday AM shift nursing assistants called off so they had to be replaced. Then someone who always calls off for eve shift tried to call off when she wasn't even on the schedule! LOL I have received countless call offs from her even though I only work a few days a week...

    My honest assessment is that the staff is tired, fried, and burned out! The residents there have pretty severe behavioral issues and it a notoriously difficult unit to work on! On the weekends, we have so few staff. Then we have a staff member from another department who comes in to "help". She is very helpful in some aspects but she is also an incessant complainer who thinks that her words are golden if she speaks in a loud and forceful tone. It adds yet one more thing for myself, the charge nurse, to deal with... Not only am I dealing with agency staff in the absence of the routine staff, but I am having to put her in her place while I deal with the demands of residents, their family members, giving medications to 21 often difficult residents who are resistant to care, answering the phone, charting, trying to prevent people from falling, etc... I constantly have to direct the agency and non routine staff to do their job and then I have the kitchen staff complaining about random crap...

    I don't like my job anymore. I adore the patients but the weekend shift is stuck in a negative feedback loop and I feel as if I need to move on. I don't think that my employer has any concerns about retaining staff... They are drowning my boss. He never seems to have a day off. Those of us who actually show up for weekends feel unduly punished. The staff complains incessantly that things are not done as they are done on the weekdays. I am sorry that I am not up to their unrealistic standards. I am looking for a new job. I am in no hurry because this job pays well... But I would like to do something that I feel passionate about. This is far too much useless drama for me! This feels like a neverending and thankless task.

    I am willing to take a 20% pay cut for the right job... I am open to the possibilities! I would rather be happy and have mediocre pay. I NEVER want to work extra hours at this job. The two days I work burn me out already. This wasn't an issue with my other jobs... I used to work alot more. I lost my job of 3.5 years to budget cuts and things have sucked ever since then... I am willing to wait for the right job to come along. I will wait a year or more if I need to. I would rather have a good job fit than another quick fix...
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