Nurse Case Managers - do you find Monday vs Friday as your toughest days to work?

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As an inpatient nurse case manager, Are your Monday or Fridays usually the hardest?

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In my current job I have worked as an inpatient nurse case manager (midshift) for the past 5yrs. My schedule has always been harsh working by myself for the entire hospital and scheduled every single Friday to work. I have voiced frustration for a fair shift in the past multiple times, but management never helped at all. I obtained my graduate few yrs ago & I’m at the point where I feel like I’m ready to look for a new challenge. Honestly, like everyone else the pandemic just completely paused any plans I had these few yrs 😔. Few weeks ago, my boss asked me something unexpected. She proposed an idea of fixing my schedule that would better fit my needs since my opposite shift is leaving. I’ve waited so long for management to help me that I’m not sure how I feel about a schedule change. I kinda want them to leave my schedule as is at this point since changing my schedule will take away my already approved annual PTOs LOL. I have this poll up to see how others feel about Monday vs Fridays since I’m deciding whether to entertain a schedule change idea. 

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