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Nurse Case Manager at an insurance company ...job description??

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So I recently started a nurse case manager job at an insurance company.  I started off very enthused and pumped as this was a new venture for me. I really wanted to make a difference from a different perspective other than at the bedside. 

Anyway, at the beginning I noticed that my job wasn't as clear cut . For instance, as this was a completely new venture even for the company, there was alot of going back to the drawing board.

Now we have more NCM there and it is even more confusing. We have technical staff who is or should I say should be responsible for the "paperwork/technical" non medical part of it.

Lately, things have just been a whirlwind of a mess. I'm burnt out and frustrated because i am smothered in TASK rather than what I am actually suppose to be doing. Task that these "technical people" were hired to do. Because of this I am unable to perform my job the way it should be. (Yes I am venting)

Anyway, my question is, for you nurses who are NCM at an insurance company, what are your day to day responsibilities? What is expected of you and are you faced with doing more technical work (tickets, cheques, guarantee of payment letters etc)??

Desperately needing some insite on what to do and how i can perform the job i am hired to do.

Accepting job descriptions as well...😅

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