Nurse from Canada looking to move to US

by Alexka123 Alexka123 (New) New Nurse

Hi everyone,

I am a critical care RN who lives in Ontario Canada looking to obtain a U.S. licence (aren’t we all). I have 7 years critical care ICU experience. I have recently graduated from a masters program for family nurse practitioner and looking to move the the US to start practicing there, Preferably Florida or somewhere else warm but I am honestly not too picky I just want to get my foot in the door. I am finding it difficult to get all the appropriate steps in order on how to do this so I don’t make any mistakes as I don’t have much money to waste.

I wrote the American exam for AANP which is accepted in Ontario as well. However, apparently I need to hold an Active RN licence in a U.S. state in order to obtain APRN licence in Florida or any other state I’ve looked at. Unfortunately, I am one of those oldies who wrote the CRNE which is not accepted. so I will probably have to write the NCLEX even though I am ultimately applying for NP.

Do I write the NCLEX for the CNO (I am already licensed and practicing and how would that affect me if I don’t pass?). Or do I write the NCLEX for the state I choose. What is the easiest state to complete this whole process because I am guessing it’s not Florida. I do not have an American SSN which doesn’t allow me to apply for anything which is very confusing. Which states do not require SSN for application? 

I am obviously lost, has anyone gone through a similar process? Any Canadian NPs working in the states who didn’t write the NCLEX? what is the best way for me to obtain APRN licence in the US? 

Thank you in advance for your help!