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After 12 yrs of nursing the back will not take floor nursing anymore due to an old accident. Would appreicate advise as to what other positions might be a possible alternative to "floor nursing", and what education might be needed. Have been an LPN for 10 yrs, and an RN for 2 years. Thank you.


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There are LOTS of career alternatives for Nurses both IN and OUTSIDE of the field of Healthcare. I suggest you step "OUT OF THE BOX" and look at all options.

To start with, WHAT are your goals?? What do you really WANT to do (not just what you think you CAN do). To be on a PATH that will not lead to your goals ONLY leads to frustration. For example, my husband and I ALWAYS dreamed of touring ALL over the world.... and for over 20 years in Nursing with much of the time in management I never

REALIZED that there's NO WAY my goals would be realized if I stayed in Nursing or an ANYONE'S EMPLOYEE... For the last ten years we've owned our own corporation, and four years ago we diversified into a preventive

healthcare business (NOT a good idea as we invested all that time and only ended up with $200.00 monthly income that REQUIRED a $150.00 monthly purchase to collect and $10,000 in debt! LOL!!!) and then early this year we diversified to owning an internet based business from home. Having the time freedom coupled with the income now has allowed me to realize MY goals. Evaluate your "WHY" for entering nursing and see if it has changed. Do you just need to find a desk job or less stressful job such as in a doctors office or for an insurance company?? IF you're realizing you have goals as I did that won't be realized on the path you're on, change your path! There's no shame to that, and life is TOOO short NOT to be happy!

Once I made a list of my goals and changed paths to a career/business that would

allow those goals to become reality, life was SOOOO much more pleasant! I had

a choice to change my goals (knowing my original goals would NEVER be realized on that path) or change my path... and I now KNOW I made the right decision by changing my path!

Hope this helps. I KNOW it sounds simple, but SOOO few people take time to even think past tomorrow, and it's hard to know where you're going unless you have that road map laid out!



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