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I am a RN that has authored a few textbooks and articles. Does anyone know if there is an organization for nurse authors? I know that there is the American Medical Writers Assoc but I can't find one just for nurse authors. If not, anyone interested in starting one? Any ideas?



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How do you become an author? I know this is kinda stupid question but I really would like to know. I have taught a lot of clesses and some of my students would like to get a copy of what I teach but of course, I can only produce some hand-outs. I would like to comile some of these stuffs and make it available to the public.

Thanks for your input.


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Log onto the American Nurse's Assoc. web site and follow the links to Publishing books. They can send you a packet of information. Also, try Mosby's and Lippincott's web sites. They will have resources for author submissions. If you are currently teaching from a published book, try the publisher of that book's web site. They maybe able to help you. Good Luck.

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