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can anyone please tell me when Nurses Appreciation Day/ Week is??? Thanks.

Nurse Appreciation Week May 6-12

Nurse Appreciation Day May 12


A Nurse is more, Why?

Though nobody, can say why, for sure,

Nurse's desire, for service, is pure.

Not for themselves, it has to be for others.

A life dedicated, to their sisters and their brothers.

A Nurse is more, How?

Through reserves, of strength, care and love,

Nurses take their lead, from the power above.

Above and beyond, their duty comes first.

Their patient's needs paramount, before even hunger and thirst.

A Nurse is more, When?

When we need them the most, at our times of ill,

Nurses come through, with their care and goodwill.

When we feel we can't go on, and wish, to give up the ghost.

That's when our Nurses, give it their most.

A Nurse is more, Where?

In the hospital, the battlefield, the clinic and hospice,

Nurses are there, in the ER, the OR, the workplace, and medical office.

Where we are, to go for our care, thankfully, we find Nurses there.

Aging, sick, fearful, weary, we turn to Nurses, and know they care.

A Nurse is more,

A Nurse is more, much more than all we've said, or all we can say,

other than, to acknowledge the Nurses, who so brighten our day.

In gratitude, we thank Nurses, their willingness to serve, we find so appealing,

bringing to us, their comfort, wisdom, compassion and healing.

A Nurse Is More

Richard G. Shuster

A NURSE IS MORE- Author Mini-bio:

For those requesting permission for reprint use, of the poem

"A NURSE IS MORE", the following is a brief mini-bio, of the author.

Richard G. Shuster, is a Quality Assurance professional, in the

bio-medical research industry. He lives in the Reno, NV area, with

his spouse, Jeannine E. Shuster, R.N., employed by the VAMC-Reno,

for whom this poem is dedicated.

Thank You again.

Richard G. Shuster

7062 Cinnamon Drive

Sparks, NV 89436


Email: [email protected]

Originally posted by Kristenhagg:

can anyone please tell me when Nurses Appreciation Day/ Week is??? Thanks.

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