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NUR-SING: How One ADHD Person Got Through Nursing School (Successfully)


When I decided to become a nurse, I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

I found out quickly that nursing school is tough, and there is so much that has to be crammed into the brain. Studying for hours on end, having over a hundred pages of typed notes to know before unit tests... and I already had issues with focus and memorizing with my ADHD. Rapidly, I realized I would have to get creative if I wanted to be a nurse. Throughout nursing school, I taught imaginary students, drew silly pictures and I made up many, many songs to memorize assessments, drugs, side effects, etc.

Now I'm a licensed BSN, RN and I find that I still use these silly songs I made way back in nursing school on an almost daily basis to remember things.

What creative things did you do to get through nursing school or to remember?

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