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Is anyone applying to nova that already has a bachelor's degree? I'm applying for fall 2011 (my application was deferred from winter) :crying2: and I already have a biology degree. From what I understand you enter into the last two years?


I am still completing my prerequistes; however, I know someone on this website who was 20 credits from a psychology major and got accepted. I think that the fact that you already have a bachlors in biology gives you a big advantage over other students. Well, that is considering that your GPA is good.

I applied to the Fall 2011 program also! I am so anxious to hear their response. My GPA is at a 3.73 but I am currently finishing my pre-reqs. I see on my VIP page that we are now required to finish Statistics and Nutrition courses in order to be considered....uuuggghhh!! Now after I graduate in December I have to re-register for the winter semester to take Nutrition since I already have Stats. Oh well, I wish everyone luck on their Fall acceptance!

Thanks guys for your response =) Jasmineskye I noticed the new pre req's also. Like you I've already taken stats but not nutrition. I just don't know if I need to since I originally applied for winter (jan 2011) and was deferred and those classes weren't required then. In fact, I don't even officially know if I've been deferred (I was told over the phone) since I haven't received anything in the mail! This is definitely nerve racking =/ Anyway...good luck to you both!

Bella, I believe you still have to take it. I did call in to verify because I am graduating this fall semester, and they told me to re-enroll in the winter to take the nutrition class and to re-submit my transcript to show that its in progress. So you may want to call and verify yourself, but since you were deferred for next fall they will tell you the same thing they told me. They will tell you that since its Fall of 2011 you have alot of time to take that required class and to still get accepted. So if I were you Bella, I wouldn't wait so that it won't hinder your acceptance. Besides, just take it! It will definitely show initiative on your part so that they can see how dedicated you are to getting into Nova. I wish you luck on that. I myself was a little upset about not having time off for the winter to regroup, but now I see the bright side of it all around. I'm going to not only take the Nutrition class as required, but I'm going to ace that sucker big time! I'm trying to make it look extremely difficult and ridiculous for them to NOT accept me into that school and if you want in then you should try to do the same. Also, look up! At least they did not deny you, a deferment sucks but no denial so you've still got a shot girl! :hug:

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