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I was looking at RN and NP job posts, how is it that they have NPs without having a masters degree? It just says BSN required and NP certificate.. how do they get the certificate? Always thought NP is a part of an MSN program...

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, fara away....there were NP programs that involved several months of university classroom study, followed by a long "internship," often completed back in one's home town under the direction of a nurse practitioner or physician.

These programs largely went by the wayside when states began to somewhat standardize APN education and practice. Master's Degrees became the minimum requirement for education and certification exams are now required. With these changes, NPs in many states gained more independent practice and prescribing authority.

Oooo ok... thanks for the info :)

Yes, I received a Women's Health NP "diploma or certif" with no master's degree in the early 1990's and I read that type of program was phased out in 2001. I maintain my Women's Health certification as any of the specialties do. I would like to get my masters or be certified in another specialty but I am hitting dead ends trying to figure out who/where to contact.

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