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Np specialty in women's health

by anaflorida anaflorida (New) New

i am thinking about doing my fnp next year but i think i might like to specialize in women's health. once i graduate from fnp how do i specialize in an area of my interest?

i live in south florida. which program offers this specialization after fnp

thanks :jester:

In NY where I live, you don't need to "specialize." There are many, many FNPs working in women's health. Mostly they worked in L&D, antepartum/postpartum, or an outpatient OB/GYN office as RNs prior to or while studying to be an NP. The FNP program has an OB/GYN component and, at least in my program, you could complete as many extra hours as you chose if you especially liked or felt weak in an area.

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