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NP schools that offer payment plans?

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Hey all. I have maxed out student loan debt due to my masters in a previous career. I have payed cash for my RN and BSN, now looking to go NP. I had done a lot of research and had decided on US University since they h ave a $375 a month payment plan. I just discovered that they actually cancelled the payment plan last year. (The first semester is 375, then its due in full.) Does anyone know of any other schools that do the same? I will have to pay 100% out of pocket. I do have some $$$ saved, but since I work in one of the lowest paid areas in the country it will take me forever to save up working extra, to pay in full. I may just have to wait, but Id like to start now if there is anywhere I havent found yet.

American Sentinel University offers reasonable monthly payment plans. They have a couple different options that allow Np students to have no debt by the time graduation. Typically about $400/ month. But that's just for the tution, of course there's books and other fees to be paid but still reasonable at least to me. Good luck!