NP rates Bedside nursing stress level


My boyfriend went to a wedding and spoke to a Nurse Practitioner. He asked her what she would rate the stress level of a NP because I'm thinking of going for my NP after finishing up my BSN. She said the stress level is a 8-9. Then he asked her what she would rate the stress level of a bedside post-op nurse and she said 0-1. I'm assuming she has no bedside experience? I would never in a million years rate a CNA's stress level 0-1. Just because it's dealing with different stressors, doesn't mean they don't have the stress of license to uphold as well.

Before becoming a RN I worked as a Caregiver for 2 years while going to school at night for my LPN, then I worked another 2 years as an LPN in a skilled nursing/long term care facility. I just resigned from a bedside nursing (RN) position I've held in a hospital for 2.5 years because I am tired of the stress of not having an aide and doing total care and being given 6,7,8 patients. This floor had me giving cardiac drips and taking care of palliative patients. I would take care of alcohol withdrawal and continuous bladder irrigation. I rarely had a charge nurse without their own full team nor a unit secretary or transporters. Acuity was never considered when they gave assignments. So I've decided to step away from the bedside and go another direction. But I'm wondering if I have things all twisted? I am so freaking insulted that he even considered a word she said as accurate! But maybe I'm mostly concerned if nursing just isn't for me anymore?