NP At Pain Clinic


So I wanted out of this rat nest city I was living in population 100k working for a MD with a refugee mentality and employees with slave mentalities. It was easy money. I took all my vacation days at once and while on vacation I looked into some jobs. Once back at the rat nest I set up 6 interviews in a city 3 hours away. I made the mistake of taking the lowest paying one with no benefits because it was a quick easy start. I told doctor refugee and his band of merry slaves to sit on it and off I went to the pain clinic. It was horrible. I was expected to see 28 plus patients a day and basically give them whatever they wanted and sale they patients on procedures. One of the providers asked me to write him some scripts for narcotics and my supervisor at first tried to tell me I was supposed to help out the other providers… but then backed off. Turned out he lost his license over drug addiction and writing scripts. Another supervisor also had lost his license for butchering patients… seriously. Then they tried to get me to write scripts for a brand new NP who wasn’t credentialed yet. Not to mention the md who I was selling procedures for was trying to get me to write scripts for his patients the way the patients wanted and former doctor butcher was trying to get me to write scripts for patients who didn’t tell me they used to get certain from their other specialist whom they had seen in years. Finally one day almost a month into this joke, a fight broke out between two techs in the procedure room. Not sure if a patient was on the table or not. Not one person came to me and explained what had happened. I eventually went and asked. The brand new NP made the statement that this sort of stuff is “fairly common”. How would they know? And one of my worthless MAs tried to act like nothing happened at all. That was my last day at the pain clinic. I wonder if they will issue my last check? The owner didn’t bother to respond to my resignation email that mentioned the fight. And my drug addict supervisor said “no problem” when I told him I was resigning immediately. What a bunch of dirtbags.