Novasyte and CSA?


Hi all! I'm out looking for my first position as a "real" nurse educator - just graduated from my MSN in Nursing Ed program. I keep finding job listings for Novasyte and CSA - both companies that sub-contract for medical equipment companies - like Philips. When a hospital buys new equipment, the employees of CSA or Novasyte and other similiar companies help with educating the hospitals staff, and support during the "go live."

They make a lot of promises on the job description - and it seems like a great opportunity, to learn about the newest medical equipment, traveling and educating hospital staff on the new equipment, etc.

I was wondering if anyone has ever worked for either of these companies, or similiar? Any input on what's it's really like? I've tried Googling, Glass Door, etc. and even entered both company names into the search function here on Allnurses.

I'd appreciate any and all feedback!