Nova Southeastern MSN-ARNP program

U.S.A. Florida


Has anyone here done this program? Do you guys know what a good GPA would be to get into it or other comparable programs?

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I am a NSU alumni. I graduate from their BSN program in 2011. I found it to be a fantastic program that really prepared you for the NCLEX, I passed right away without even studying. The undergraduate program was supportive and prepared me well to be a nurse.
Unfortunately, Nova Southeastern's Master's Science Nursing as Family Nurse Practitioner wasn't even close. They where not supportive. The pretty much bait and switch you. They say the it is a hybrid program, with your first classes online, and then intensive class room classes for your major core. I did not find this to be true at all. They basically get you 3 semesters into their program, then trapped because you spent 15,000 yes 600$ a credit double what a state university would charge with half the support. While, I was in the program the they went through 4 Program Director, yes 4. The longest I saw a program director stay was for two semesters. They also had a hard time keeping teachers as well, during our advanced patho class, one of your harder classes, the teacher ended up leaving in the middle and the brand new first term program director took over the class. There was always a lot of confusion and you always wondered of you could even rely on the faculty being their, if they were even going to be around to support you. When it came to clinicals, they made it very stressful. Basically told us to find you clinicals completely on your own. Yes they did not help one bit. They said here is a list of providers that did clinicals once before, go talk to them. Over half those providers would end up yelling at you saying I did enough for Nova, I can't possibly keep taking on these obligations. Top that off with a lot of the hybrid classes they tell you there will be in class time, and they turned out to be solely online. Barely any review for tests, I remember in advance health assessment being given 15 chapters, 50 page chapters, and told anything in there was game to be on test, we can not give you a review. They said they would be a class every other week and they ended up canceling 5 of 9 classes. I understand we need to know the material , but I always received a lot more guidance in my academic career. I would never have gone this route if I could go back. I would have waited till a state university or school that actually supported their students would have been available.

You can get in as long as you have a 3.0, it you qualify for the student loans or can pay they pretty much take you. I know someone who had a 2.8 and took the GRE to get in. I think by law they have to make sure you are able to keep a 3.0 because anything lower in graduate level is failing. I would not go to this school unless you just want to pay and study on your own, and risk a drop out rate of 35 percent from this program. I finished only because I am a great test taker, and put a lot of time into my studies I had to quit working because everything was done on my own without support from the school. I studied for 4 month to take my boards because I wasn't prepare from the professors that could care less about your success. This is just a private money making machine. You are much better holding out till you cn get into a state school, or even BArry University has a much better program. If I had to do one or the other I would have just gone Kaiser, cheaper and I know at least not to expect much. I thought I was signing up for quality education which is not what I got.

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