Not sure whether to take nursery position

by NurseEm2222 NurseEm2222 (New) New Nurse

I could really use some advice from more seasoned nurses. I have two years of experience doing postpartum couplet care at a large facility with an on-site NICU. I have been offered a part time night shift position as a nursery nurse at a small community hospital. This position transitions the babies at delivery which I’ve never done. In my interview the nursery nurse I spoke with was very hesitant about me taking this job. Her main hesitation is that I have no NICU experience and I will be the only nursery nurse there on night shift so if something goes wrong or someone shows up and delivers prematurely, it is all on me. The manager has assured me that I will be trained well. But I’m still nervous, this seems like a lot. I’d love to hear some input on whether you’d take this job if you were me. Thanks! 

I don't have any advice specifically, but I just wanted to lend words of encouragement in your decision. It's a possibility that the hiring manager would not take a chance out on you if he/she feels that you couldn't do it. You may have to do some self studying outside of work. I'm also wondering if you did go ahead and take the job and how has it been so far.