Not sure if I should apply to nursing school now or finish the degree I've started


I have wanted to be a nurse since I was a child, after high school I got pregnant and didn't go to college. Here I am 5 kids later, finally pursuing a degree. I just finished an associates degree in December in General Studies. This Spring I started on a bachelor's degree in Health Studies. The only reason I chose that degree was so that I could take A&P right away and then apply to a local community college for an ADN. Now I'm feeling torn on what to do. I have about 48 credit hours left including an internship if I want to finish out the Health Studies degree, but I don't even know what I'd do with it. I could apply at the CC and start nursing school next Spring but here are my hesitations: I'll have 4 kids in school, but a 3 year old at home still so I'd have to find childcare for him (I have no idea how many hours per day I'll have to spend at school). I'm scared it will be too hard and too much for me to handle while also being a mom. I'm also scared I'll fail and be left with just the associates degree in General Studies. 

I've also thrown around the idea of just finishing the degree I'm working on now and then getting a job at my kids school just to be close to them. But I am working towards becoming independent and being able to support my kids on my own, I feel like nursing would better for that with the job security and better pay.

Any thoughts? 


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How long will the internship take?