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Northwestern Memorial hiring process?



so i applied to Northwestern in December. took a while for them to get back to me. Eventually they did towards the end of December, i got a video interview. I completed it. I got a call a few days later from HR stating they would like to schedule me for Shadow day and interview. i completed both of those. i felt as if the interview went pretty well. the unit manager even told me i did a good job that day.

that was almost 2 weeks ago. She told i wouldnt hear from HR immediately but not to panic as the HR guy had the next 2 days off and wouldnt be in the office. So i patiently waited. After about a week or so, i'm becoming a bit frustrated. i Emailed the HR guy on Monday 1/25/17 sending a Thank You email for granting me the experience to shadow and interview and to send my warm regards to the unit as well. I also asked to inquire about the next steps in the interview process. he hasn't gotten back to me or called. I dont really know what to do...

is this typical? does this mean i wont be offered a position? seems as of late not many hospitals are trying to hire new grads.. ive applied at, what feels like, everywhere and they were the only hospital to schedule an interview...

what should i do?


It could be that HR just hasn't had time to get back yet, but given its been weeks now, I would perhaps follow up with the unit manager to inquire about your hiring status. It's better to know (job offered or not) to know not so I understand your anxiety! If you don't mind me asking, how was the shadowing portion or your interview? Did you prepare in any way?

Also, it's hard for new grads! I know!!! Everyplace wants "experienced nurses", think back to your clinical instructors or where you did your role transition to see if you know anyone on the inside who may be able to help. But keep applying and don't give up!! I am in the same boat as you right now and I've applied to more than 10+ hospitals and only Northwestern got back to me as well. It's rough :(

Good luck!


I want to contact the unit manager but I wasn't given her contact information so I would have no way on contacting her. I am tempted to call HR since they didnt answer my email over a week ago but i dont want ot be annoying.

As for the shadowing, i think it went well. It was 8 hours long. The nurses were very sweet/ i had questions prepared for them. i asked them about the unit, about the job, about a typical day. stuff like that, i didnt really know how else to preprare for it. It was a long day and i learned alot! I think it went well and i think the interview went even better. but i haven't heard anything so i've had anxiety about it.

i'm just not sure what to do.i have a friend who works on that unit but i dont know how to go about asking her what her thoughts are without seeming like i'm asking her to do a favor for me haha

Thanks! I was just wondering if I needed to brush up on my skills before shadowing, but I heard it is more observation than hands on work.

And you if you have a good relationship with your friend, you should definitely ask! Just return the favor with lunch or something. Utilize your networking skills! :)

yeah you're not really allowed to do anything. just observation. no skills necessary. they might ask you questions on what you see and stuff. its really laid back. you'll be fine!

good luck :)

Thanks so much! Good luck with your status, I hope they get back to you soon!!

I am going through something similar right now! What ended up happening/how long until you heard back? I'm a new grad and I interviewed/shadowed 3 weeks ago now, and the education coordinator after the interview told me I should expect to hear back within a week. I gave it two weeks because of Labor Day and reached out to the HR contact, but still no answer. I'm surprised because all went well, and it is soo frustrating not hearing a thing!

Hey @jhelin247,

I understand your frustration, as it stinks not hearing back from anymore. For me, I interviewed and shadowed with the unit and heard back from HR in exactly 1 week with my acceptance letter. If HR does not follow up and you've tried contacting them, I would just apply to other positions and locations and don't get caught up with this one position. Good luck on your search!