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Northern Arizona Uni.-FNP Program Questions

Has 2 years experience.

Hello Everyone,

I obtained my BSN from NAU recently and was looking into different MSN-FNP programs. I live in Tucson, Az and would like to stay close to home as much as possible (work and small baby).

I've contacted NAU for information, but I wanted some firsthand experience/opinions on this program.

If you don't mind answering:

1) Where do clinicals take place (I see the emphasis is on rural areas) and is it difficult to get placed? I was curious if I should expect to spend weeks in Yuma or Sells (..etc.) in a hotel.

2) Do you find the instructors knowledgeable and helpful? Is it organized?

3) How much does this program really run? Less than $15,000/year in tuition? +hotel fees and travel expenses I'd assume..

4) Would you recommend this program to someone who is working and has a baby?

Thank you,



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