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North Seattle College or Lake Washington IT?

Hi! Hypothetically speaking- if you were accepted into North Seattle College's first RN cohort for their ADN and Lake Washington Institute of Technology's RN program, which would you choose? I heard LWTech's program has gotten better, but I thought NSC has always had a pretty good rep.

Hi! I'm torn too. I've been accepted into Seattle Central and North Seattle and would love to attend North for its convenience for me, but I'm a little nervous with it being a new program.

Hi! Congratulations on the acceptance!! :) Right? Can't really ask current or former students about North's ADN program since it's first cohort starts this fall, lol. But I think they've had a pretty good reputation for employers and universities (if you plan to transfer for RN-BSN). I haven't heard/read anything about Seattle Central, though.

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Hey guys! I was also accepted to North Seattle's fall 2017 RN program.

From what I have heard North Seattle does have a good reputation, however the idea of attending a non accredited nursing program makes me a little bit nervous...but from the research that I've done (I've contacted UW bothell), the school being unaccredited doesnt have any effect on furthering education to the BSN and beyond that. As long as you're able to pass the NCLUX in the end, it'll all be the same :)

I hope to see you guys in the program/at orientation!

Hi guys! I just found this thread and I'm glad I did. I too, am torn between LWTech, North Seattle College and Seattle Central College. Have any of you made a decision yet? And if so, what were some factors?


Congratulations on all those acceptances! :) I ended up choosing lwtech mostly because they're already accredited, although North I think is in the process of it. I also took into consideration the fact that I tried much harder to get into lwtech (that essay part was difficult lol). Whichever you choose, I wish you good luck! :)


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