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North georgia Tech

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Hello everyone.

I wanted to start art a conversation about north georgia tech ASN program. I am appling to the fall cohort 2015. My Hesi test was a 92.6 and my GPA is a 3.8. I am a transfer student from Gwinnett Tech. I would like to know who is appying to the nursing program and what is your experience. I would like to know any past experience. Praying I get in.... Fingers crossed for everyone 😜

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I was going to apply to their nursing program until I found out they do not have the accreditation's. The school does but not the nursing program. If you want to further your education and get a bachelors you will have a hard time finding a school that will accept credits form a non-accredited program. You will be suck with an associates degree and can only work In Ga.

You just made my heart stop. I only scored an 88.6 and have a 3.1 GPA. I'm a transfer from UNG. :/ If I have all of my core classes done do they take the GPA from that or just ENG1101,MAT1111, A&p, A&PII, and Micro?

Its your gpa from english, math, a&p 1/2 labs, micro.

Do u mind me asking how did you do in the critical thinking exam??

I believe it was 90% for critical thinking.

Thats great. :) I wish we could find out sooner about the program.


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