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North Georgia LPN-RN Bridge Program

I am going to apply to the North Georgia LPN-RN bridge program, has anyone had any experience with the program at either the main campus or any of the other locations? I would like to know what I am getting myself into before hand. Thanks for any help.

I am about to start the LAST semester of the ASN program at North Georgia, so I can pretty much tell you what to expect. The LPNs have to take (and pass) a drug calculation test at the beginning of the summer. If they pass - during the summer they take two classes - Transitional Concepts (NURS 1090) and Nutrition (NURS 1020) and they also have clinicals during the summer. Then in the fall, they join the second year students in the ASN program. We had several LPNs join our class this past semester. I really love NGCSU's nursing program. You can read a lot of past posts about our program that will provide you with more opinions - someone told me that I sound like a NGCSU commercial so I'm definitely biased. But I have no complaints whatsoever. I will just be so happy when one more semester passes! Good luck!:)

Hi I am an LPN for 15 years. I want and need badly to further my education and get into a RN transitional program. The red tape at Georgia Perimeter is awful, not to mention the thousands of prerequisites and the tremendous waiting list for the program. My question is what are the requisite for North Georgia? Is there a long waiting list and when does the 15 years of experience that I have as an LPN count, if ever.

Hello. I am a first-year NGCSU student, and just like EagleGirl - I have nothing but praise for the program, thus far. I have been extremely happy at North Georgia - I think you'll find that most people here on allnurses.com feel pretty much the same. There are always pros and cons, of course - but in general, it's a great program, and the instructors are terrific.

As far as prerequisites go, you'll need to either go online or call the Nursing Department at NGCSU to find out where you stand, academically. I'm not sure if your years of experience as a LPN will help get you into the program - it depends if they look at something other than your grades for acceptance. I honestly don't know exactly how they determine who gets into the LPN-RN bridge program. The Nursing Department could help answer most of your unanswered questions, and just so you know - I've found everyone who works in that office to be very helpful and considerate.

Don't be shy - give them a call. It can't hurt, and you could be well on your way to being an R.N.!!! Go for it!!! :p

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