Watts preadmissions test in 1 wk....HELP PLEASE!

  1. Im taking my preadmissions test for wson in 1the week. What are some tips or advice anyone can offer?! I know the time is very short compared to amount of questions. Im super nervous have been studying for 2 months now! Any or all advice will be appreciated! Thanks!
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    please help its getting closer!!!
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    This is a previous thread that has some tips. I posted the page they start on but they go on for another 2-3 pages.

    Quote from TARHEALER
    I'll tell you what we tell everyone in one form or another. The Syn/Ant section is very small and there is no way to prepare for it. It's all vocabulary. If your a walking websters then you'll do fine. There is no way to learn all the words that they throw at you. Answer as many as you can accurately. Also, reading speed has nothing to do with the comprehension section. Forget reading the paragraph. Scan it quickly and pick out key words. Go down to the questions an seek out the answers. You can't remember the paragraphs as they are all a bunch of repeating garbage. Look at questions, go find answers...hense the Key words. Other than that....just book as fast as you can. Me more you answer, the less their worth each.
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    i think TAR summed it up. just take the test- don't stress and do your best to finish. any math problem (and they're all problems to me) that looked like it was going to take time, i skipped. as for the reading, i got through the first and second passage and some of the third.
    j hawk continued to tell us during the entire process that you should take one step at a time. focus on taking the test. if you don't pass it, you have an advantage on your next try.
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    I studied from that book as well. The math is different - on the test it's all word problems. The words are similar. Like most have said go quickly, but answer correctly. I skipped a lot of the math because it would've taken me too long, but the ones I answered I knew for sure. So, if you choose to answer something, make sure it's right. It's not about finishing the test, moreso answering the most you can correctly. As for the reading comp I only got through the first 2 (I think).