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  1. I am a fairly new LPN grad. I got my liscense in August 06 and am currently working in long term care, I really don't like it, I have over 30 residents to medicate and do treatments on, It takes me from 7am until 11:30 to do my 8am med pass and then it starts all over at 12 noon and it takes me another two hours. When I work baylor weekends it seems I am on the med cart all day, I have to stay late to chart and last weekend I didn't even get to my treatments, I have only been on the hall for 3 days and only one day on my own because the preceptor called out sick, I really thought I was ready but its not working, I am smart and I can do the job but is just to much for me to handle. I left work last Sunday about 8pm and after working non stop for 13 hours I was actually shaking all over and on the verge of tears. I can't believe the workload and me being new at this facility and a new nurse is overwhelming. I have been thinking about long term care but know nothing about how it works or about pay. I think if I was going from case to case to case I would like it, but sitting with one patient all day would get boring to me. Does anyone know anything about it and how the pay scale typically ranges with home health? Any insight would be greatful, I am already getting burned out in LTC, thank you so much.
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    i can tell you my take on home health, been doing it for almost 20yrs now, i will not go back to the hospital and never a nsg home, a LPN in home health will most likely ( and i speak from the agency i work at) make 6-8 visits a day depending on need., we have a LPN qowkend to make visits. you make skill visits which last on an average 30-45 min, again depending on severity of the pt., home health nurses do everthing that a hospital nurse does, pt are coming home sooner from the hospital than ever before, you will work under the supervison of a RN. some agencies are computerized and others are still paper driven, which can at times get overwhelming, stay organiezed and that's half the battle, it takes a good 6mos to learn the ropes, but like i said i will never do anything else!!
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    Thanks so much Cookie102, I just can't stand the thought of working in LTC for years and years, I like a challenge and like change so I really think that home health would be good for me. Do home health nurses make more money than LTC nurses? Not that money is the most important thing, I just want to be satisfied with my work environment. I am going to several agencys here in my town Thursday so wish me luck, I only got my license in August.