URGENT Request for All NC Nurses

  1. We in the Northeastern part of the state need your help (concerning the Navy's egregious attempt to put in an OLF in our region of the state).
    Time is of the essence. Please write or call Governor Easley TODAY!!!

    North-Carolinians Opposed - to - the- Outlying Landing Field

    One More Time, Networkers !

    Key legislators are getting behind us to press for a special session, now it's up to the Governor and YOU. Get on that phone, or write a short note. FAX it or send it Priority Mail. Governor Easley must act this week. Call the Key Aides listed below and let them know that a Special Session of the State Legislature must be convened to deal with N.C.G.S. 104-7 for the good of ALL North Carolinians. When that ill-advised statute is repealed, North Carolina can become a partner with our military, not its patsy.


    If you have been making those calls, it's time to get up and do it one more time. We would not be where we are without your constant efforts. If you have been waiting for the moment to act, this is it. Your call will make a difference. Your voice will be heard. But only if you call.

    Four (4) Key people in the Governor's office to call:

    Franklin Freeman, Governor Easley's top aide
    Voice: 919.733.6184
    FAX: 919.715.4239

    Hawley Truax, Policy Advisor on Environmental Issues
    Voice: 919.733.5811
    FAX: 919.733.2120

    Cari Boyce, Communications Director
    FAX: 919.733.5166
    Email: cari.boyce@ncmail.net

    Allison Stivender, Advisor on Citizen Affairs
    Voice: 919.733.2391
    FAX: 919.733.2120

    Thank you. You are the one that makes it happen !

    Group Leaders Please Forward

    The Albemarle Community Network
    P.O. Box 701
    Edenton NC 27932-0701

    For up to date information on the OLF issue:
    Please bookmark the page.
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