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Does anyone know of the pay rate for a unit secretary in the Charlotte area? Looking to work my way through ADN and gain some job related exp. Would prefer to do CNA, but it just doesn't pay the... Read More

  1. by   sandy06
    Hey there Kathy and Melissa ... I know it has been forever since I wrote, but life it crazy these days. Ok, let me catch you up on what I know. Frankly, the admissions folks at Presby seem a bit frenzied all the time. I have called many times with questions since they are merging with Queens University and they don't have any answers yet other than that they no longer have the tuition forgiveness program (that is where you commit to work for them for the same amount of time you are in school and they pay for 100% of your tuition.) Apparently, Queens no longer wants to have that program. Yea. I just applied for financial aid ...

    I am starting at Presby/Queens/whatever they call it this August 2004. I have already taken all the prereqs (with the exception of 2 psych classes that I hope to take this summer thru CPCC online) so all I have left are nursing classes. I have 3 kids and don't have time for more than one class per semester.

    I had a hard time getting any answers from Carolinas College of Health Sciences - I acually got a letter saying I was 10th on the waitlist for August, but denied it since I want to go to Presby.

    I got my CPR for healthcare provider at Lake Norman Medical Center (BLS stands for Basic Life Support) and it was one night and really cheap. I got my CNA1 from Carolinas College of Health Sciences and it was $300 (I think it just went up, too.) It was 2 days a week in the late afternoon and then one Saturday at a longterm care facility. I am now working at University Hospital on their ICU/Telemetry Unit and I LOVE IT!!!

    The class totally prepared me for this. In a nutshell, I give patient baths, change linens, run patients to and from radiology, run specimens to and from the lab, pass out meals, feed some patients, take out the trash, stock supplies, take patient vitals, give patients diabetic blood tests (finger pricks) and stuff like that. Frankly it is not glamorous, but I work directly with patients and am around all the nurses who know I am a student and have no problem showing me procedures and letting me hang around with them (if I have time, I am usually really busy). It is a great job and I love the staff I work with and the patients are mostly great too. I don't make much - in fact, the unit secretaries make more than I do, but if I work at night and weekends, I get paid more. Honestly, I am doing this for the experience more than the money (although the money is helpful...)

    Melissa - my thoughts and prayers are with you and your boyfriend and if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. Send me a message and I will be better about getting back to you sooner. It must be really hard having him away for so long, but I really appreciate what he is doing and the sacrifice you are making.

    I love chatting with you guys and hope to see/meet you soon!