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  1. Hey fellow North Carolinians,

    First off, Happy Thanksgiving!

    Second, I come to ya'll with another question (like I haven't asked enough of those!)...I haven't even begun my RN program just yet, but I know when I complete it and pass boards, I want to go ahead and start working on the next step. I've had my eye on UNC-Chapel Hill's nursing school as of lately and noticed they have an online RN to BSN program. Has anyone applied for or taken part in this program? How competitive is it? And what about the RN to MSN program? I know I'm asking for info a little soon, but once I have a goal, I like to take those baby steps to acquire it. Thanks!
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    Hi how are you? Just saw your recent post and thought I would share my thoughts. I have looked into UNC's Rn-BSN program as well. When I called the school, they told me they have about 30 applicants for this option, and they don't usually turn anyone down. From my understanding, it's not too competitive because they get very few applicants. My advice to you is to call them. I don't know about the RN-MSN program. I am sure it's somewhat more competitive. Let me know what you find out!

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    Hey buddy,

    Thanks! I had no idea you were looking into UNC also. I checked out the school's website and I saw that there are only like 30 or 40 students in the RN to BSN program. I figured there would be more than that, but I guess people have more than enough options for online BSN programs nowadays. I will have to email them and see how my credits look so I can start looking into taking prereqs toward the end of 2008. Have a good one!