1. Is anybody applying to Rowan Cabarrus Community College ADN program for Fall 2012??? I was wondering if anyone has any idea what the point range for students accepted is??
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  3. by   NurseS2014
    max points to earn is 100...you get points for TEAS score which is up to 50.depends on what you score...pre reqs ...up to 24....work experience..up to 4...or....if you have taken a health course in high school you get up to 4 points...if you live in cabbarus or rowan county you get 2 points...and degree or certificate up to 20 pts.
    check out the website will give you full information...
    Download Nursing Education Programs Points System Selective Admission Process
  4. by   NurseS2014
    i wanna know too....what was the points average?