Question about Continuing Ed

  1. I am going to be a new grad next year and I am looking at places to move to. I have a lot of family in the Charlotte area, and love visiting them. I was just wondering what kind of continuing ed. classes, such as certificates for mental health, nephrology, L & D ect., are avalible for nurses (throughout the whole state, not just that area). Are they done through the local colleges and univiersities, or are a lot of them distance ed?
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  3. by   jsteine1
    When you get your license, you will be bombarded with CE offerings by mail, bia internet and the local offerings in your state.
  4. by   Jolie
    I lived and worked in Charlotte in the early '90's and took a number of courses thru the Charlotte Area Health Education Center (AHEC), including a neonatal nursing certification review, management of hi-risk labor patients, and fetal monitoring.

    I found the courses to be very well done, conveniently located, and reasonably priced. Try Googling Charlotte AHEC to see their current offerings.