Nursing School Options?

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    I'm moving to Pinehurst, NC in about a week and looking for a new job. I graduated last year from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Health Information Management and now that I'm looking for a new job I am seriously wanting to get a degree in nursing. Several people have told me to look into an accelerated BSN program but I actually don't have the main pre-reqs they require (chemistry, human devl. psychology, and some others). To get through undergrad I mainly took out loans so I am WAY in debt right now. I thought maybe getting an associate's nursing degree at a community college would be cheaper.

    I applied to Sandhills CC and got in to the college but they did not receive my transcripts in time to register for the HESI exam which was required for entrance and now the nursing program is filled for the fall. Does anyone know of other options to start in the fall? Would you recommend doing pre-reqs to get into a ABSN program instead of the Associate's Nursing degree?

    I also thought about trying to get into a CNA/LPN program and do that until I could start at Sandhills (I guess I would have to try to get into the Fall 2013 class) but then I'm afraid some of my classes will no longer transfer (like biology that I took freshman year at Pitt) because it will have been 5 years.

    If anyone has any advice on which route I should go to get in to nursing I would greatly appreciate it! I was hoping to get into a program for fall 2012 (which probably will not happen since I feel as if all the deadlines to apply were in January) or Spring 2013 (starting in January). Sorry for the long post! Thank you all!
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