Nursing Homes with CNA training in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill

  1. Hello all! As you can see from my username, I really want an accelerated BSN. I still need to take several pre-req. classes before I can apply, and am interested in working as a CNA in the meantime (I've had mixed feedback about whether or not I should do this as it means taking a pay-cut, but that's beside the point). The problem is, I don't want to put off the pre-reqs. to take the CNA course, and I would have to if I took the course at a local community college. As a result, I'm really interested in nursing homes that offer CNA training. Does anyone know of any in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area? Thanks!
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  3. by   DTCC PreRN
    Contact the NC Division of Health Service Regulation. They should be able to assist you.

    You'll have to call and speak to someone. Their website is not very user friendly.

    Good luck!