Gtcc evening and weekend program!!

  1. Hello Future & Present Nurses,

    I wanted some information that I cannot seem to find any where! Does anyone have any information on the GTCC ADN Evening & Weekend Program? I really want to hear from students that are in or graduated from the program? How many hours did you study?, how long are weekend clinicals?, How many points did you have when you went in?, Where are clinicals?, How is the faculty? How many students dropped from your program?? If you have an answer to any of my questions please reply Please do not keep all the knowledge to yourself!!

    Also if your applying to the 2013 GUILFORD TECH E&W Nursing program please start a little bio so we can get this thread moving!!
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    Really almost 100 views and not one comment?? I guess it is true that nurses eat their young and do not want many newbies in the field...
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    Moderator's friendly reminder: I know you are frustrated and want information about this nursing program, but chastising the membership for not responding to your inquiry is NOT the way to gain friends here or get people to respond to your post. It is very immature to accuse the membership of "eating their young" because no one responded to your post. Think before you type. Please be much more civil and respectful in your posts. Thank you.
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    First and foremost the accusation of nurses eating their young is all over AllNurses, lets please not discriminate, its a real issue in the nursing community because future nurses like me find it hard to get information. By me agreeing and saying I guess its true does not make me immature its me agreeing with a point/issue. The first amendment says I can do that. Second I came to all nurses for information not friends. If someone does not want to respond to my post because of what I wrote eventhough they have information about the program..ok I will not lose any sleep at night. That post was not blast anyone or act immature...I was just saying I guess the saying is true Nurses eat their young. I do feel that way and see you are trying to do the exact same thing...Thanks for your opinion but no thank you!

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    I know how frustrating it can be to ask questions to a bunch of people who are either trying to get to where you wanna go or just don't want to share an answer.. I plan on applying for spring 2013 at gtcc, as far as points I'm not quite sure what to expect so I'm shooting for at least 50 points... From what I have read, the classes are MWF 4 to 7 and weekend clinicals. Hope this helps and good luck!
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    When I went to the information session, they said the classes would be from around 3pm to 10pm on weekdays and during the day on weekends. Also, they said that the clinical portion could be during anytime or any day. I plan to apply to the spring semester and I have 48 points currently. I haven't taken the TEAS test yet. I plan to take the test around the first week of August.
  8. by   BlessedAreThe
    Hey honey. I came across your post and decided to leave you a comment. I am about to graduate from the GTCC Evening and Weekend Program. I will say first, however, that the moderator is absolutely right; whether you are here for friends or information, your posts are not going to help you get what it is you want. From this point on, I recommend learning to make friends and leaving the entitled, immature attitude behind you, or you're going to have a very tough time in the field you're attempting to enter in to. No one owes you any information about a nursing program. Most of us entered into it completely unaware of what we were getting into, and with the school transitioning to a completely new curriculum to boot. Most of the information you're asking for is opinion and varies by the individual you ask, anyway. Others most likely read your post and were turned off by the aggressiveness of it.
    With that being said, I hope I can help you find the information you're looking for. How many hours do we study? Every spare hour that we have. Clinicals vary from semester to semester. They start off at 6 hours a week, then 12 hours a week (split into two days, since we are an evening program, typically 3-9pm) and finally 16 hours a week. Weekend clinics are either 2 days of 6 hours or one day of 12. Some semesters you might not have weekend clinic. Sometimes you might be in the group stuck with 7am-1pm clinic on Saturdays and Sundays. I had something like 62 points when I applied. I was basically guaranteed a spot. The point system has changed since. The nursing advisors in the registrars office will gladly tell you the range of points that were accepted and declined from the previous classes, however.
    As for faculty. The program is very unorganized. Some problems are inherent to the nursing programs in general, such as changing clinical placements, times, instructors and groups constantly right up until classes start. If you have a job and plan to work through the program, be prepared to deal with this. You can be two weeks into the semester and still your clinic assignment can change. It's frustrating to say the least. Other problems are more specific to GTCC. Most of the professors are extremely defensive. They are not receptive to students questioning their exams or grading methods. If you stay away from that, they will love you, even if you secretly can't stand them and the unfairness of their behavior. As long as you go along with everything they say and do you will have no trouble, and even though it makes you angry, if you're able to pass the class and move on, you do just that. The head of the department is useless as a student advocate. She will stand up for her teachers at all costs, even if that cost is belittling you and your concerns. Again, if you never walk into her office with a concern about the program and stick to the small talk, you'll likely think she is an angel.
    GTCC consistently turns out great nurses. Maybe this is because we have to teach ourselves everything in order to graduate, and you have to have a certain intellect to accomplish that. It's a hard ride without difficult teachers, but with difficult faculty it can be terribly miserable. This is the only nursing program I've attended, so I don't know how others size up in comparison. I have a bachelor's degree as well however, and I can say through my entire academic career I've not been as frustrated with any other professors as I have with these. Knowing the department head is the way she is makes it less bearable.
    I hope this helps your decision. If you decide to attend, good luck. It is a means to an end. There are good parts about the program, and there are good professors there. If it gets you an RN, that's all you need. Good luck.
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    I am fairly new to allnurses so I'm forever responding late to different topics. I too applied to this same program and found myself upset that not enough people were here posting information. It was a personal problem, no big deal. I don't think that Hopeful4Nurse was being immature by making that comment. In fact I'm glad she/he did.

    The hit dog will bark..

    Moving on.. BlessedAreThe, I am thankful for your post and I do agree with a lot of the things you said, simply from hear-say. So many people have told me that when you get into school for nursing, your best bets are to keep your mouth closed and head bowed.

    A lot of people that have a higher authority don't like to be questioned. I am the type that will speak up if I don't understand something or if I don't agree with you. Regardless if I'm a student or not, who knows.. maybe the instructors could learn something from me.

    I'm so excited to start school in the Spring. I plan to do whatever it takes. Even if I do have to bite my tongue until it bleeds
    Sometimes you have to fake it til you make it
  10. by   hudson727
    Does anyone know how the day class is? I was accepted into the ADN program for the fall 2013... Is it MWF like the weekend/evening class? Any info would be greatly appreciate (: