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  1. Hi All,

    Anyone heard anything on fall 2011 Admittance for Forsythe Tech PN program?
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  3. by   nyanbensmommy1
    Quote from aharp33
    Hi All,

    Anyone heard anything on fall 2011 Admittance for Forsythe Tech PN program?

    There was one person who replied to the fall adn gtcc/ftcc thread who said they recieved an acceptance letter to FTCC but they didn't say which program. I'm waiting to find out about the ADN program.
  4. by   aharp33

    I think they applied to the ADN program. All i am hearing about is the ADN program.. I applied to the PN program at FTCC. I think I have a good chance at getting in.. I passed the TEAS at FTCC and I have taken both A&P courses, Psy150, both Eng, and chem and micro. I know I dont need that many courses but my plan is to do the LPN to RN bridge. I dont have 2 years to be off work. So the PN program was ideal to me. I dont live in Forsyth county so dont know if the mail takes a little longer to get here.. I hope you get in!! I hope I do also!!! But I noticed no is talking about the PN program at all!!!
  5. by   nyanbensmommy1
    It seems like noone is talking about too much about our area ... i'm guessing there's not that many signed on in our area. But i'm nervous as heck since i didn't get accepted to GTCC which wasn't my first choice but the point of being rejected is getting to me you know.

    But i understand about not needing to be outta work for that period of time. I'm out of work as well but the TAA is paying for my schooling.. hence why i want to get into the program asap since they only pay up to 2.5 years.. i'm trying to utilize it as much as possible.

    But i hope you get it as well... what did you get on the TEAS and it seems like you got a bunch of classes done which will help you point wise.
  6. by   aharp33
    I ended up with a 70.6 adj indv then had 43 points added as alot of my classes didnt count since they werent needed for the PN program. Only the ENG, PSY, BIO and so I ended up with 113.6. Last year they accepted people from point ranges of 89.8 to 118.8 in the PN program. I am hoping I have a chance!! I think I could done better on the TEAS just havent done a test like that in a while. But I met FTCC requirments for the TEAS. And I heard they look at reading in particular and I got a 96 indv score in that.. They accept 80 students so prayfully I have chance..
    I am on TAA also and they told me that I couldnt do ADN because of time restraint (have to be done in 2 years) that is the other reason I chose PN..
    I think we will know soon!!!
  7. by   nyanbensmommy1
    I can't believe they told you that.. i was told as long as you got the acceptance letter they can get the approval from Raleigh and if you are not finished by the time your TAA runs out you can apply for fed. Aid or a scholarship to pay off the rest.

    As far as points you did very good in my opinion. I'm on the low end.. i only got 154.2 points. I did ok on the TEAS I made an 81.2 and my reading score was 93% but i'm hoping thats enough since for spring they accepted from 154.9-191 so i'm trying to keep hope alive lol
  8. by   aharp33
    Good Luck and I will keep u posted! You keep me posted also!!! You made the points so from here on out we just have to wait!!!
  9. by   aharp33
    Also that is upseting to know that they ddnt give me correct info. What you told me someone else mentioned to me also... But I am already on track now so I am just going to go with it...
  10. by   nyanbensmommy1
    the waiting is the sucky part.. but i will definatly keep you updated. and as for UE they don't give you all the info you need.. like i didn't know I was suppose to turn in those fuel re-imbursment forms.. I was just handed them and sent on my way.

    I have to go down there in the morning to turn them in plus find out if i need to re-cert. since my 6 months is almost up. I'm not sure if the TAA will take over right away or if i need to do something else.

    It's honestly like a job in itself lol.
  11. by   aharp33
    I agree!! lol
  12. by   nyanbensmommy1
    i got an email from **** who said the process is over a 4 week period and all letters don't go out all at once.. so I take it's only the first round going out now.
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  14. by   aharp33
    ok well I guess it is just a waiting game now!!!