ECU clinical/course schedule

  1. Is anyone currently attending ECU's traditional BSN program who can give me an idea of what the weekly schedule is like?

    I found the course listing here but am anxious to find out what days/how many days I will have clinicals vs class.

    I know that at Wake Tech, the first semester, students have "off" on Fridays. I am assuming because I am taking twice as many hours, this won't be the case!
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  3. by   LoRNinFL
    Most of the time it's one day a week for 12 hours on that day. Not sure if they changed it or not. The clinical days were either Tuesday or Thursday.
  4. by   nonsequiturECU
    Thank you! Any other words of wisdom? I already have a bachelor's degree in a different major, but I am still scared of the 16 credit hours during the first semester.