1. Is anyone currently attending or has anyone graduated from ECU's ANP program? I am located in Raleigh and am looking at ECU among others, but ECU seems to be the best fit. I'd love some insight into this school or any others that offer online courses and semi-local clinical sites.
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  3. by   ECUPirateRN
    I went to ECU for my undergrad (before nursing school) and while I didn't go there for nursing school, I can say that ECU has a fantastic reputation nationwide for their nursing programs, both undergraduate and graduate levels. Succcess rate is very high and the staff is phenomenal. I have had the privilege of knowing several of thefaculty members personally. You will get a great education and what can be better than doing it online?
  4. by   lo2210
    I am starting the ANP program in August
  5. by   willtm
    Was it difficult to get into the program? Are you near the school or will you be doing the distance program?
  6. by   lo2210
    Not difficult...had a simple phone interview and that was it! I live in Charlotte, so I will be doing the distance program which I am nervous about, I was never good with online courses!
  7. by   willtm
    I love on line courses. Many people think they won't be motivated to keep up, but you have deadlines just like a regular class and you can do it in your jammies!!

    Will your clinical assignments be local? Are there things that you must do at the main campus?

    I appreciate any information you can share
  8. by   lo2210
    I think I have to go to the campus a total of 7 times the whole time. THey told me it would not be a problem to find my clinicals close to where I live.So we shall see.......... BTW thanks for the positive feedback you gave about online courses...
  9. by   willtm
    7 visits to the campus isn't bad. Do they help you find your clinical sites, or do you have to find them on your own?
  10. by   celclt
    that's great to hear- I am looking @ ECU too--thanks for the feedback!