ECU Alternate Entry MSN Program - 2012 Admission

  1. Has anyone heard back yet from ECU's AE-MSN Program? I've heard of a few getting calls about interviews, but wanted to see if anyone else had applied/heard back.
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  3. by   Kenthomas
    I think they said no one wouod hear back until not sure how long they will be interviewing...what did they say when you called them...are they interviewing through feburary?
  4. by   Medic2RN
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  5. by   JS422
    Thanks for your response kenthomas. I called yesterday and was told that they are about a month into interviews but are still reviewing applications. My application was submitted close to the deadline, so I'm hoping they are just reviewing them in the order in which they were received. How did your interview go?!
  6. by   Kenthomas
    I have it tomorrow....what does your last name start with? Maybe they go in alohabetical order?
  7. by   JS422
    You might be right, I didn't even think about that. My last name starts with "S". What about you? Good luck at your interview! Let me know how it goes!!
  8. by   Kenthomas
    I had my interview today, and it was a good experience. The interviewers were both very nice. You should know they said they still have more interviews to do...
  9. by   VickyRN
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  10. by   JS422
    That's great! I'm glad your interview went well. Hopefully I'll hear something soon, will keep you posted!
  11. by   jcf741
    I just stumbled upon this website and thread- Has anyone received acceptance or waitlist letters yet?
  12. by   Kenthomas
    no i don't think so, they said that it would most likely be around the beginning of march before they would be sending any out. did you interview?
  13. by   jcf741
    Yes, I did interview. I was just curious since it looked like people that got in last year posted around this time last year. I was just hoping to know soon!
  14. by   Kenthomas
    I know...the suspense is killing me too! When did you interview?