Durham Tech Fall 2015 ADN Program

  1. Hello everyone! How are you? I am starting this thread because I intend to apply to Durham Tech's ADN program that begins next fall. I know this may be a bit early, but I would like to have a place where all of us who will be applying can share our doubts, frustrations, and excitements, while helping one another. Anyone who is currently in the program or has already graduated is more than welcome to contribute your valuable experiences and opinions, and all of us will be extremely grateful.

    I just took the TEAS at Durham Tech this past Thursday, and thank goodness I passed. When I first got there in the morning, I was a bit worried because I was the only person there to take the test. For the students who already took the TEAS before me, how did your tests go? I hope you all successfully passed the test and gained experiences. I thought the reading section was a bit harder than I expected, but it could be due to the fact that I wasn't in the test-taking mood yet so early in the morning. Now I am just waiting for the online admissions packet to be updated to the 2015 version. I am actually surprised that it hasn't been updated yet, has it been the norm for past years? I cannot say I am not getting anxious!
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  3. by   Ndoht
    I went on the DTCC website and saw the notice that says the new admission packet will be posted October 20th. How is everybody doing? It is approaching that time of the year where everything that needs to be done is shoved together. How are your classes going? Are you considering other nursing schools other than Durham Tech?
  4. by   Nur2016
    I will apply for fall too, but first I have to do the versant test and the compass esl test. Additionally, I have to wait for my teas and placement tests to be accepted since I am transferring from wtcc. Right now, I am taking pathophysiology, so I will apply by December as my advisor recommended. Do you still have more classes to finish? Did you apply to other colleges?
  5. by   Ndoht
    Hello! I think you are definitely going to do well on the Versant and the Compass ESL tests. It's so inconvenient that non-native English speakers have to take those tests on top of everything else. Schools should just look at students' grades in classes and figure out whether they are proficient at English. It would be fine to take the tests, but not when people have to pay for the Versant out of pocket. I just finished taking my prerequisites, but I am taking two humanities classes this semester. I am only applying to DTCC because it is the only school that I live close to, which is so sad. What about you? I heard the program over at WTCC is pretty good too.
  6. by   Nur2016
    I understand you. DTCC and WTCC are the only schools near where I live. I applied in WTCC for Spring 2015, but I only got an alternate seat. I have to complite the criminal b, drug test, and fill up the medical documentation too. And study for the medication calculation test just in case they call me. I am applying for fall at WTCC too.
  7. by   Ndoht
    I hear people say very good things about other schools like GTCC and Carolinas College, but I couldn't apply to them simply because I really can't sacrifice the money to go to school that far away. Well, it sounds like you got everything together and your hands on everything you need. You are definitely going to nursing school next year, either at WTCC or DTCC, so congratulations beforehand! It looks like you have a very good chance of getting into the spring cohort at WTCC, so certainly keep your spirits up!
  8. by   Nur2016
    Thanks so much! I wish you the best and good luck too!
  9. by   Ndoht
    You are welcome, and thank you! ^0^
  10. by   Nur2016
    Please keep posting any new information about your application. I am going to the same��!
  11. by   Ndoht
    Of course! But I feel that you are so far ahead of me with everything already planned out and prepared. I am still waiting to hear back from my advisor, so I can actually go see him for the first time...
  12. by   Nur2016
    You know? I have never seen an adviser...lol. I have contacted her by email only. She is nice to answer all my questions. By the way, I do not know how it will turn out with my test scores as I have emailed the official copies many times to them, and they haven't received any of them .
    Been said that, I thank you again for your enthusiasm, keep it up !
  13. by   Ndoht
    Haha, you are so lucky to have such a nice adviser! I emailed my adviser requesting for an appointment, and it took him six days to reply back to me. It makes sense if he is not working, but he is teaching classes during weekdays, so it frustrates me when teachers don't have a habit of checking their school emails regularly. I replied to his email saying I would like to go by his office Monday, and I am just going there tomorrow regardless of him having seen the email or not, cause I am not going to wait another six days to hear back from him. I feel I wouldn't get my questions answered completely if I am not seeing someone face-to-face and giving me all the chances to express my concerns fully. I think that's just me be being weird. Solving problems simply via emails is so much more convenient when you have a responsible adviser! I remember them taking a long time to update test scores and transcripts when I transferred over to Durham Tech. Maybe a good way to solve it is to bring the copies to the office in person? It shouldn't take them too long if you make sure they get them. There is still time, so I am sure you will have this figured out soon. Thank you so much for your posts too, cause I made my thread a while ago, and nobody replied until you did, and that made me feel like you are my savior!
  14. by   Nur2016
    Thanks! I really have to make sure that DTCC validate my tests scores. I will call them tomorrow, and if I don't have an answer I will take them in person. Thanks god I requested a copy of my transcripts and tests scores for me too.