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  1. Has anyone recently completed the duke SNIP program? I have an offer and two days to decide so any information would be great.
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  3. by   arlebrun
    Hey there! Did you accept the offer to the Duke SNIP program? I just submitted my application for the 2011 program and was wondering if you had any information about it. What speciality did you get onto? Any information would be great!

    Thank you!
  4. by   bienbien
    Yes, I did end up taking the offer.

    It turns out that my dept. (ED) doesn't actually participate in the SNIP program, they have their own program that SNIP actually was modeled after. So I cant tell you much about the SNIP program for the floors but I can say that my new grad program was very comprehensive. It was six months and throughout the six months I went to some sort of education/certification class each month (ie ACLS, TNCC, ect.). They also have monthly nurse residency programs for all new grad nurses at Duke that are optional to attend. I didn't go because they are more focused for floor nurses, but it's a nice option to have. I feel like no new nurse is ever going to feel 100% ready to be off orientation, but the program's design adequately prepares a new grad nurse.
  5. by   arlebrun
    Thanks for the response! Can I ask how long the application/interview process took? I keep checking the status of my application online waiting to see if it's progressed in the process! The job posting deadline was March 22nd. Did it take more than a month for them to contact you? Also, how is the pay for new grads? Anything you think would be good for me to know about the hospital?? :-) Any help would be great! I really want this job and they are my first choice!!!
  6. by   granadina
    Arlebrun--have you gotten an interview? I was asked to interview for a nurse residency program at Duke. I would really like any information I could get about the interview. I am going across the country for it! I am going to shadow a nurse for my interview. I am not sure if Duke requires a certain color scrubs be worn and if it's looked down upon to wear scrubs to the interview (it's right after I shadow). Thanks!
  7. by   arlebrun
    Hey there -

    No, I didn't get an interview. I was applying for the pediatric departments and do not have any pedi experience (yet) and the candidates they were hiring already had some pedi experience.

    Good luck!
  8. by   granadina
    Thank you! I hope you find something else in peds soon
  9. by   JBAdd
    do you know if the pediatric ICU SNIP of CNI job posting is just for peds ICU or if the SNIP also includes the NICU?
  10. by   granadina
    Hi JBAdd, the post for a PICU SNIP will only be for that unit. The Duke NICU calls itself the
    ICN (intensive care nursery), so the snip jobs will be posted under that name. There should be an application available within the next few weeks, as a snip group has just started on the unit. I recall applying for the job in March when it started in the summer. Good luck!
  11. by   JBAdd
    Why is the Pediatric ICU position listed as both SNIP and CNI, I assumed there would be multiple pediatric units or is it just a difference in training?
  12. by   granadina
    Because when you start out as a SNIP (specialty nurse internship program), you are a Clinical Nurse one (CNI). If you have one or more years of experience, Duke will start you as a CNII, for which there will be other PICU listings. You have to have 6 months or less experience in hospital nursing to join SNIP. There are multiple pediatric units, they will have their own listings. There is PCICU, Peds stepdown, 2 "floors" ( I think they're 5100 and 5300) and peds bone marrow transplant.
  13. by   JBAdd
    Great, thank you for the explanation that helps a lot! I will keep a look out for the ICN position