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Hi there- My name is Sandy and I am applying to the Duke ABSN for Spring 2011, just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying? Only 2 months till the deadline and I am trying to get my... Read More

  1. by   glassprn
    Good luck to all of you! =)

    I'm very excited and nervous,too haha

    Now I'm searching for the flight, hotel and so on...

    It costs a big junk of money, but I think it will worth it. =)

    p.s. Yogi! That makes me smile,too!
  2. by   *PaintedSky*
    How did it go yesterday?!?!
  3. by   SandyH
    Hey guys!

    Sorry I've been meaning to get on here and let you know how the interview went, but I have been playing catch-up and haven't had the chance.

    Anyway...the day was absolutely wonderful! I just love being there! I think my interviews went well, but everyone I talked to thought theirs went well also. So, who knows! LOL! They just have a way of making everyone comfortable! As far as the interview, it was basic stuff and nothing too crazy. You actually interview with 2 different faculty members (15 minutes each) and the rest of the day is an intro to the program, financial aid, student panel, tour of the Center for Nursing Discovery (their simulation lab), and a tour of the hospital. A lot of it was similar to the information session I went to in May.

    So I am relieved that the interview is over, but now the anticipation has set in! I have been picking apart my interviews in my head...was this good?...was this bad? Oh, the thrill of not knowing!

    I anyone has specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them if I know

    Good Luck!!
  4. by   gene09
    Hi SandyH! Congrats on getting through the interview I was wondering if you remember the specific questions the asked you during the interview? And, did both interviewers ask you the same questions or were they very different? I'm interviewing this week and am very nervous!! Thanks!
  5. by   *PaintedSky*
    By basic do you mean, "Why Nursing?" "Why Duke?"?? Thanks for the update!!
  6. by   spring2011
    Hey Everybody!
    They did ask Why nursing, Why Duke Etc. Weaknesses. Pretty basic questions. Each interviewer asked 3 questions I believe. Then you could ask them questions. By then I had heard from the students, so a lot of my questions were answered....so I just re-asked them so I seemed interested. haha. I liked one of the interviewers more than the other, but I guess we all get along better with some over others. I got really nervous for some reason during my first one and it took me till half-way through to talk more smoothly. The 2nd one went great from the beginning and we shared some jokes. I really don't know what they want in the interview, other than being yourself.... So hopefully it went well =/
    I really loved the area and the school was gorgeous!!! It seemed to be an interesting bunch. Everyone was nice. The faculty was VERY welcoming
    I wish everyone luck and if I can answer anymore questions...just ask =)
  7. by   glassprn
    Thanks for great info, Sandy and Spring2011!!

    I didn't know that there will be two separate interviews...

    Anyway, thanks again! Wish the best all of you!
  8. by   twois
    Quote from glassprn
    Thanks for great info, Sandy and Spring2011!!

    I didn't know that there will be two separate interviews...

    Anyway, thanks again! Wish the best all of you!
    Yep, and they're short, and the questions are very very very generic.

    My advice - find something that will make you stand out a bit. Especially if your "why nursing" and "my weaknesses" etc are fairly generic - which isn't a bad thing, we all want to help people and we're all perfectionists and need to work on time management and prioritizing and yada yada yada... but it makes you forgettable in an interview. When I interviewed in January, I casually mentioned my experiences working as a journalist in the Caribbean and the interviewer and I ended up spending most of our interview time talking about Duke students' efforts to help nursing students in Haiti after the earthquake. We kind of had to rush the last question in with about 2 minutes to spare, but that really didn't matter, because we'd been thoroughly engaged in something I could be passionate and well-spoken about. She was actually reluctant to end the interview and let me go on to my second one - must have worked, because I was accepted.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, yes, you need to answer their questions, but you also need to be yourself and figure out what makes you a unique and diverse applicant. Duke is NOT all about numbers - they focus a lot on pulling together a diverse class of mature applicants. So even if you're not someone with medical background or a killer GPA (I had med experience only as a patient and a measly 3.3 GPA), it doesn't necessarily hurt you - but you definitely need to stand out and be impressive in the interview.
  9. by   spring2011
    I agree. I think my second interview went better because I got to talk about my experience with helping people in Romania. We spent a good deal on that. She asked me more questions about it and I just kept talking because it was one of the best experiences of my life! I hope that made me stand out...and hopefully I will get in! =) gosh I'm so impatient...can August get here already?
  10. by   SandyH
    It's crazy! I feel like the interviews went well, overall. In my first one I stumbled a little bit but the second was smoother. I guess its all depends on what they are looking for! Everyone, I mean EVERYONE I talked to seemed really impressive. Guess I am just gonna be a nervous wreck for the next month! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go to Duke LOL!

    How many applicants do you think they got for this cycle? and how many are they interviewing? I would think they have that data by now...And how many spots? I've heard 50 and 66? So nervous....so very nervous!
  11. by   *PaintedSky*
    Did they reflect upon on your personal essays for questions?
  12. by   spring2011
    It didn't seem like it. I think we were all given the same basic questions. I am not even sure if my interviewers read my personal statement. I brought up a part of my statement to elaborate and she acted surprised and asked more questions....which gave me the impression she hadn't read it.
  13. by   twois
    They don't have access to your personal statement pre-interview, no.