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  1. I'm a new lpn grad. I met a few rn's that shunned my lpn clinical group for not going directly into a rn program... But, now that I have my licensure, I am encountering more of the same just attempting to locate a job. Even in the ltc facilities. (ex. I applied for a job at a ltc facility. The don called me for a interview. She knew I was a recent grad with little experience other than clinicals. Once at the facility for the interview she came to the lobby with a cell phone and said " I'll be with you in a few my daughter just called me... and she proceeded to walk outside to talk on her cell. Twenty minutes later she came back inside and escorted me to her office. Once in her office she asked how I was I said fine . Next thing she asked was how do you think you could deal with 25 patients on you? I asked if there would be any training involved and if there were cnas to help with baths etc. she then stated people don't bath everyday. I am not sure this is the right place for you. She then stated she had only been at the facility a week and said she had to ask someone what they do with new people and that she would call me. I wanted to tell her don't do me any favors but, I held my tongue. I don't want to encounter any more of this type of treatment. Any advice for me? I just need experience. I have good work ethics... I treat people the way I want to be treated ( usually better than I am treated). I am a hard worker and I assure you whomever does hire me will be pleased that they did. I feel like a diamond in the rough. I thought the senior nurses would be well polished by now... I think I was mistaken.
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  3. by   EmerNurse
    EEK this isn't how all nurses act! First, we need our LPNs and though you may get attitude from some, there are plenty more of us out there that appreciate your skill and knowledge and scope of practice!

    As for your interviewer - it's extremely unprofessional to make an appointment wait while you take a personal cell phone call. I'm appalled. While I carry my cell at work, it's in my pocket on vibrate and I DO NOT answer it when I am doing anything work related. If I happen to be grabbing a cup of coffee when it rings, sure I answer it.

    As for not bathing every day - those poor residents! There are many things I could gripe about regarding LTC for our elders, but basic hygeine should NOT have to be one of them <sigh>. Someday these places need to learn to respect our elders - who've paved the way for the life we enjoy today!

    Good luck whatever you decide! At my age, I'd have probably told this lady off right when she took the call LOL - but of course, I'm losing my judgement as I age (hehe).
  4. by   conehead
    I am sorry that you were treated that way. I was an LPN for six years and then went and got my RN. LPN's as a rule have more clinical skills when then graduate than RN. I work with an LPN now who I would not give up to anyone.
    You might want to try some of the smaller hospitals. They have been advertising for LPN's lately.
    Good Luck